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Our Instructors


Gunter Schlueter has been teaching dance in the Quad Cities area since 2005. He opened QC SoDa Dance Studio in 2009 and has been working to bring his relaxed and fun style of creative partner dancing to the Quad Cities ever since. Swing, Salsa, Twostep, and Hustle are some of the dances you can expect to see at dances. He loves Blues and Tango as well. The thing that differentiates Gunter's approach to dance is the idea that you can dance with any partner on any floor to any music even if you have never met, never been there, and never heard the music before. If you see him out, make sure to ask him to dance!


Kristine Moyer has been practicing the martial art of Kung Fu since 1993 and was awarded her Black Sash in 2007 through the Bei Shaolin Institute in Chicago, where she also studied the Yang style of Tai Chi.  In 2017, she traveled to Australia where she received her certification in the Sun style, "Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention" form through the Tai Chi for Health Institute. 




    Interview with Kristine Moyer, L. Ac, LMT

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