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Gunter Schlueter has been teaching dance in the Quad Cities area since 2005. He opened QC SoDa Dance Studio in 2009 and has been working to bring his relaxed and fun style of creative partner dancing to the Quad Cities ever since. Swing, Salsa, Twostep, and Hustle are some of the dances you can expect to see at dances. He loves Blues and Tango as well. The thing that differentiates Gunter's approach to dance is the idea that you can dance with any partner on any floor to any music even if you have never met, never been there, and never heard the music before. If you see him out, make sure to ask him to dance!


  Kristine Moyer


Jennifer Vondracek has over 5 years and 1500 hours of training and experience in teaching yoga. Jennifer has completed 200 Hour RYT, Yoga Nidra and 100 Hours of Therapeutic Yoga Training with Mira Binzen and Global Family Yoga 2010-2013, with whom she is a featured teacher. After relocating to the Quad Cities Jennifer received high-level training in the neuroscientific yoga protocals proven to heal PTSD and remains committed to sharing trauma informed contemplative practices. She lives in Le Claire with her three daughters and has taught at Sol Hot Yoga, El Rio Spa&Wellness, and Tapas Yoga Shala, and develops continuing education programs in Health Care for contemplative practices and Cancer Res


Tracy Fierro. Come join the Party. Dance like no one's watching. Get fit having fun to a variety of Latin flavors from Salsa, reggatone, hip hop, and Cumbia. Tracy has loved to dance since she was a young girl taking Tap, ballet, jazz. She has been doing Zumba for 4 years and has been a Certified Zumba Instructor for almost 2 years. She says she is, "what some might call a Zumbaholic." So come join her for an hour filled with fun, sweat and dancing.

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