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Fee Schedule

Effective May 1, 2024

Initial Acupuncture Consultation with Practitioner:  $30.00

Initial Massage Only Consultation with Practitioner: $15.00

Follow-up Consultations (Acupuncture OR Massage): $15.00

Acupuncture Treatment Without E-Stim:  $60.00

Acupuncture Treatment With E-Stim:  $70.00

Cupping (Per Body Part):  $15.00 each

Gua Sha (Per Body Part):  $15.00 each

Basic Massage (light to medium pressure) - TIMED:  $1.00 per minute

Clinical Massage (Firm Pressure, Deep Tissue, Side-lying, Sports or Injury Related) - TIMED:  $1.25 per minute

Hot Stone Massage - TIMED: $2.00 per minute

Lymph Drainage - TIMED: $2.00 per minute

Guided Exercise or Stretching Instruction - TIMED: $1.00 per minute

    Interview with

Kristine Moyer, L.Ac, LMT

Primary Practitioner at